Wi-Fi Quick-start bundle simplifies project launch

November 18, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Segger has added Wi-Fi modules (2.4 Hz and 5 GHz supported) for its emPower Cortex-M Evaluation Platform. GEvaluation software is included enabling a Web Server via Wi-Fi in only minutes, Segger claims

The modules, in combination with the emPower platform, permit comparison of different Wi-Fi modules, as well as evaluation of the Segger embOS/IP stack. Evaluation software consists of a Web Server running on the processor of the emPower board, accessible via any computer on the local network. Software is available in binary form (executable), and also as a project for Segger’s Embedded Studio, with source code of the application program.


Segger’s embOS/IP stack with Wi-Fi support handles all communication in the exact same way as in a system with wired Ethernet, allowing the software engineer to port an existing application from wire-bound Ethernet to Wi-Fi without any loss of functionality. The same server, client, and application software can be used while exposing the same socket interface.


Segger; www.segger.com/embos-ip-wifi.html


embOS/IP is an IP stack specifically designed for embedded systems. The flexible stack supports all popular protocols such as ACD, ARP, AutoIP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, Multicast, NetBIOS Name Service, PPP/PPPoE, SMTP, SNTP, TCP, UDP, UPnP, VLAN, and many more; www.segger.com/embos-ip.html