Wide Vin, four-switch buck-boost DC/DC offers efficiency with reduced EMI

March 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments’ LM5175 buck-boost claims best performance for any input/output voltage for industrial and automotive applications, managing input voltages from 3.5V to 42V and regulating output voltages from 0.8V to 55V

LM5175 can, says TI, deliver high-performance designs for industrial and automotive applications such as industrial PCs, USB power delivery, in-vehicle wireless charging, LED lighting, electric vehicles, battery charging and telecom RF power amplifiers.

The DC/DC controller addresses a wide variety of buck, boost, and buck-boost applications from output power of a few watts to greater than 100W using a single device. A proprietary switching scheme maximises efficiency in the buck-boost transition region and uses a single inductor to further reduce board space. The LM5175's robust gate drive (2A at 7.5 V) enables wide VIN MOSFETs to switch faster and more efficiently. Optional hiccup-mode short-circuit protection prevents thermal runaway during extended load current faults, reducing thermal stress by up to 30%.

Features include;

  • Synchronous buck or boost controller meets the needs of a wide range of buck-boost DC/DC converter applications.
  • 42-VIN operation with 60-VIN absolute max withstands wide voltage transients.
  • Single inductor design reduces board space and simplifies layout.
  • Optional input or output average current limiting addresses applications requiring a regulated current from the input supply or to the load.

LM5175 is priced at $4.25 (1,000).

Download all design files including the automotive LED front lighting power supply and 240-W lead acid battery charger reference designs.

Watch a lab demo video to see how the LM5175 performs in cold-crank and automotive lighting applications.

High-power, high-density and standard evaluation boards are available.

Texas Instruments; www.ti.com/tlead-power-dcdc-sva-ppd-nps-lm5175-pr-pf-en