Wideband 12-bit digital receiver: low noise in PXIe format

April 06, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies' latest modular instrument is a PXIe,12-bit, wideband digital receiver running up to 3.2 Gamples/sec; it is part of Keysight's modular solutions, for applications requiring wideband signal capture and very high dynamic range.

The M9203A PXIe 12-bit high-speed digitiser/wideband digital receiver runs at up to 3.2 Gsamples/sec, with up to 2 GHz instantaneous analogue bandwidth. This high-speed digitiser is proposed for applications in wireless communication, emerging communication standards, radar and satellite communication and semiconductor automated test. As a component of a Keysight PXIe configuration, this wideband digital receiver allows microwaves measurements.


The M9203A features a large FPGA that can implement different functionalities – reprogrammable functions implemented in hardware – depending on the selected firmware option, such as:


- Custom firmware capability (-FDK) supporting the deployment of custom processing algorithm with the U5340A FPGA development kit . Integrating algorithms minimises the need for additional circuitry and exploits the full density and speed of the digitizer.

- Triggered simultaneous acquisition and readout (-TSR), allowing sustained triggered acquisitions of thousands of samples at hundreds of kHz rates without missing any events.

- Wideband real-time digital down-conversion (-DDC) on each channel, enabling the user to tune and zoom on the signals of interest. The filters and local oscillators (LO) are fully synchronised allowing phase-coherent post processing.


Custom functions can also be implemented on-board, providing support of various application bundles, such as:

- Digital down-conversion streaming and recording (-CB2), allowing users to capture and record a long duration of large frequency bands up to 320 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) on a single channel, or up to 200 MHz IBW on two phase coherent channels.

- Digitiser streaming and recording (-CB0), enabling recording of the raw acquisition data.

- High fidelity digitiser (-BB1), providing enhanced performance by compensating the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and the front-end distortion, minimising the interleaves spurs and reducing the overall noise bandwidth.


Keysight; www.keysight.com/find/M9203A