Wind River’s Pattern Matching Engine addresses NFV security

October 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Wind River has disclosed performance benchmarks for its high-speed pattern matching software, Content Inspection Engine, which can be applied to problem of high-performance security for growing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) needs.

Content Inspection Engine is a high-speed embedded software pattern matching solution that can match large groups of regular expressions against blocks or streams of data. The engine can also search for multiple patterns simultaneously, even when the streams of data are scattered in different memory locations. Content Inspection Engine is a scalable, cost-effective approach that runs entirely in software. It is applicable to applications that need to scan large amounts of data, such as intrusion prevention, antivirus applications, and unified threat management.

According to recent benchmarks, Content Inspection Engine, also marketed as Hyperscan, now delivers pattern matching throughput of over 36 Gbps on the Intel Atom processor C2000 series, using tier-1 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) IPS patterns to scan real-world HTTP traffic. It is a pattern matching library designed to drop into a vendor's system software release and be used for an entire product line, without requiring any additional software or hardware resources. With scanning performance on high-end Intel Xeon–based platforms exceeding 280 Gbps, these benchmarks demonstrate Content Inspection Engine’s ability to deliver scalable performance, making it a pattern matching technology that can be ued with low-end to high-end security platforms and NFV-based solutions.

Security appliance vendors are under growing pressure to engineer for higher performance in order to meet market needs. Performance bottlenecks are often due to content scanning, including the respective challenges of keeping up with rising volumes of data and increasingly complex new patterns and rule sets. Using Content Inspection Engine, vendors can now improve scanning performance and scalability and uprate their overall network security performance.

“These latest benchmarks validate how software can transform processor real estate into scalable security performance,” said Paul Senyshyn, vice president of communication platforms at Wind River. “Wind River Content Inspection Engine delivers streamlined integration and scalability...[for]... customers embracing the benefits of high speed pattern matching, including a steady stream of new evaluations worldwide.”

Content Inspection Engine extends the benefits of pattern