Wind River builds an “app store” supplier base around VxWorks

June 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Wind River has introduced an app store for its VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). Wind River Marketplace helps customers find and evaluate add-on solutions in order to enhance their VxWorks deployment, drawing on the Wind River partner ecosystem.

Tested and validated by Wind River for seamless interoperability with VxWorks, the solutions found in Wind River Marketplace add to the VxWorks operating environment with categories of packages ranging from safety, security, and storage to connectivity, graphics, and development tools. Customer benefits include simplified ‘try-before-buy’ options, a modern app store experience, and easy installation and evaluation of complementary software. Via Marketplace, Wind River also houses an extensive range of board support packages (BSPs) in the embedded software industry to aid with board bring-up and design.

Wind River;

Partner companies involved in the venture include;

Core Avionics & Industrial … [will] supply OpenGL safety critical drivers and certification artifacts for Intel® CPUs deploying the HD4000 graphics core through the Wind River Marketplace.

Tools to produce high-fidelity safety critical 3D user interface graphics for the automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial controls industries... DiSTI

LDRA software verification tools for the VxWorks ecosystem companies implement high-quality applications that are secure, standards compliant and requirements driven, provides additional assurance that systems are reliable and safe.

McObject ... offer eXtremeDB – the first database management system (DBMS) designed specifically for embedded systems.

Tracealyzer for VxWorks and Linux ... RTOS tracing and visualisation tools. - Percepio AB

Cantata for VxWorks 7... enabling [users] to prove C/C++ code with integrated dynamic testing in the most cost effective way. - QA Systems

A connectivity platform for the Industrial IoT... the .Connext DDS product - Real-Time Innovations (RTI)