Wind River's Yocto Project participation yields carrier grade Linux

March 28, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
Wind River is claiming to have the first Carrier Grade (CG) Linux that supports the Yocto compatibility project to boost custom designs.

Formally registered for the CGL 5.0 specification with the Linux Foundation, Wind River Linux CG Profile is the first delivery of Carrier Grade Linux functionalities on top of a Yocto Project Compatible product. Yocto provides tools and methodologies to develop custom embedded software regardless of the underlying hardware architecture to give designers more flexibility and preserve legacy code.
Additional profiles for Wind River Linux will continue to be developed to address a variety of market specific needs. The mix and match nature of these profiles for Wind River Linux offers developers flexibility and choice to meet a diverse range of specialized needs.
Carrier Grade Linux registration requires several key requirements to be met, including compliance to standards, support for highly available hardware, serviceability, performance, high availability, clustering and security. Carrier-grade products typically require up to 5 nines or 6 nines (99.999 to 99.9999 percent) availability, translating to downtime as low as 30 seconds a year. Additionally, given rising network traffic growth and the associated need for greater security of this data, the CGL requirements designed to help make systems more reliable and resistant to attacks become even more significant. Carrier grade is a hard requirement for networking devices, but can also apply to large corporate infrastructures, data centers, and highly mobile devices.
“We’ve taken our knowledge and proven technologies for the networking industry and carrier grade requirements and extended it with Yocto Project compatibility. Carrier grade is essential as it not only establishes essential capabilities on which companies can build the next generation of intelligent network devices, but also provides a sound technology foundation for a broad spectrum of embedded Linux based solutions,” said Chris Buerger, senior director of open platform products at Wind River.
“By providing Yocto Project-based carrier grade Linux, Wind River is furthering cross architecture support and helping developers who must deliver carrier grade requirements to overcome a myriad of complicated development challenges and meet tight deadlines,”