Wind speed sensor built on 2.4-Ghz wireless technology

June 26, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Mantracourt has launched the T24-WSS wireless wind speed sensor which is built on Mantracourt’s T24 2.4-GHz wireless technology.

The sensor will operate alongside any Mantracourt T24 device such as base stations, handheld displays, analog outputs, relay modules and GPRS data loggers and other acquisition modules.

The wind speed measurement device enables engineers to accommodate temporary installations or to use instrumentation in locations where it would be difficult to use a fixed wired system.  

The wireless wind speed sensor features a high quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a stainless steel shaft with rugged Delrin body with bronze Rulon bushings. The output value of the anemometer can be calibrated and configured to the user’s requirements and can measure over the range 5 to 125 mph. The sensor will ‘power down’ between transmissions to maximize battery life in the field and has a wireless range of up to 200 metres.

The Mantracourt T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible low power radio system designed to enable the transmission of high accuracy measurement data from load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, temperature, displacement and pressure sensors. With a combination of transmitter and receiver technologies, engineers are able to remotely monitor instrumentation readings.