Wireless ANT+ head-up display for runners shows live training data

January 22, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Nordic Semiconductor ASA has announced that German navigation and sports specialist, o-synce, is employing a Nordic nRF24AP2-8CH 2.4 GHz transceiver to provide ANT+ wireless connectivity for up to eight ANT+ sensors in its sub-$200 Screeneye X head-up cap-based display for runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The Screeneye X can display a full range of training data (current, average, and maximum) including elapsed time, heart rate, speed, distance, stop times, lap times, cadence, calories consumed, plus training zones, coaching tips, and ambient temperature. This data is projected directly on to a fluorescent plastic display powered by UV light collected by the cap during the day such that it can auto-dim and -brighten in response to ambient lighting levels while drawing a negligible amount of power.

Indeed this combined with the use of the class-leading Nordic ultra low power nRF24AP2-8CH ANT+ transceiver, which operates at just 17 mA peak current, enables the cap to operate from an in-built 150 µAh rechargeable battery that is 33 percent lower capacity - and around 33 percent smaller and lighter - than a typical 225 mAh CR2032 coin cell (watch) battery.

In operation, the cap is set-up and controlled via three waterproof keys located in the visor and all training data is recorded to within 1s accuracy and can be exported to a PC at the end of a training session via a micro USB connection that will simultaneously re-charge the on-board battery.

"The ability to see customizable training data in your field of view while training outdoors is a unique capability that relies on a high level of technological innovation and ingenuity," comments Dirk Sandrock, o-synce CEO. "We aim to create an entirely new personal head-up display product category with this product and in the future extend its capabilities to include the ability to connect to smartphones and other portable devices."

"It is heartening to see Nordic ULP wireless technology enabling such an innovative consumer product as this head-up display sports device," adds Geir Langeland, Nordic Semiconductor's Director of Sales & Marketing. "It is a genuine example of a new product category that didn't even exist a few years ago and would not have been made possible without the evolution