Wireless operator interface pushbutton controller eases large plant operation

August 14, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Honeywell has released its Limitless wireless operator interface, dubbed the WOI Series, providing a packaged pushbutton controller for manufacturers and OEMs.

With both momentary and maintained contact options, the Limitless Series now offers wireless control from both person and position. The WOI Series is a controller designed to wirelessly turn on and off equipment (pumps, motors, drives, conveyors, and other industrial equipment), open or close gates/doors, or provide notification to remote locations. It can be used in rugged industrial environments to notify appropriate departments when there are quality, machine, material out-of-stock, or other manufacturing issues. Designed for flexibility, the user can choose and install a desired operator (22mm rotary switch, key switch) or rely on one of Honeywell's pushbuttons. It communicates through Limitless receivers that provide PLC inputs or relay outputs connected directly to equipment to turn on LEDs or start/stop industrial equipment.

The Limitless wireless network includes the WDRR Din-rail receiver, WPMM monitor, WLS heavy-duty limit switch, and WGLA global limit switch. The entire Limitless solution uses the global, license-free RF wireless 802.15.4 WPAN protocol that provides up to a 305m line-of-sight communication range, and prolongs battery life with advanced power management technology.

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