Wireless sensor networks evaluation kit for measurement and control applications

April 23, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Designed to test applications at designated locations, the s-net evaluation kit “DATA“ released by the Fraunhofer IIS comprises a master and five sensor nodes, which independently set up a radio network as well as a pre-installed application template.

Even defined data packets can be fed to the sensor node and transferred via network to the master node. The user configures and controls the sensor nodes as desired via graphical user interface. “DATA“ can also be adapted to specific requirements and put together as evaluation kit, tailored to the customer's needs. The s-net hardware and software are optimized for large-scale, seamless data acquisition and localization. The Center for Intelligent Objects ZIO will demonstrate how the s-net technology is used as radio-based asset management solution for the efficient use of resources. Supplied with wireless sensor nodes, assets turn into smart objects and can take on various tasks, like room-level accurate localization or the enquiry of environmental parameters.

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