Wireless transmitter for production data mounts on signal towers

November 26, 2012 // By Julien Happich
With a range of 30m, the AirGrid transmitter element from Patlite can mount on already installed signal towers to gathers and transmits status information from many different types of machines.

In combination with the analysis software Orbit, the module helps optimise operational processes and productivity by enabling operators to quickly identify exact machine data, such as running times, down times and maintenance times, in addition to bottlenecks in production. The AirGrid module fits on machines equipped with the company's signal towers type LE and LME, via an adapter. Once connected to the communication network, the unit lights up in green; in case of a faulty connection, the indicator is red. The module uses international wireless communication standards and records the data from multiple machines quickly and simultaneously. The Orbit analysis software saves the acquired data in CSV format and updates the data as soon as the status changes.

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