WPC Qi-compliant magnetic induction wireless power transmitters

December 13, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Integrated Device Technology announced what the company claims to be the industry's most integrated wireless power transmitter solutions optimized for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Tx-A5, Tx-A6, and Tx-A11 configurations.

The IDTP9035 is designed to meet the requirements of the WPC Tx-A5 and Tx-A11 (5 V) specifications, while the IDTP9036 is designed to meet the WPC Tx-A6 (12 V) specification. The IDTP9035 is optimized for a single-coil configuration with a standard 5V supply input, allowing customers to reduce their bill-of-materials (BOM) with cost-effective, low-voltage power adaptors. The IDTP9036 supports a three-coil configuration and accepts a 12 V supply, making it suitable for automotive applications. Both new transmitters are fully compatible with any Qi-compliant receiver, such as the IDTP9020. Qi-compliant wireless power solutions are gaining strong traction in charging pad, automotive, industrial, and other consumer electronics applications. The IDTP9035 and IDTP9036 are available in a 48-lead 6x6mm VFQFPN package.

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