X-ray inspection system supports printed circuit boards up to 1205x672mm

December 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Nordson DAGE has upgraded its XD7800 Ruby XL X-ray inspection system dedicated for large area printed circuit boards, able to take a maximum board size of 1205x672mm.

The X-ray inspection system also includes the unique, maintenance-free, Nordson DAGE NT500 160kV sealed-transmissive X-ray tube that provides up to 10W of target power at sub-micron feature recognition and the exclusive Nordson DAGE 2 Mpixel iDAT3 digital image intensifier detector with real time image enhancements. These features allow the system to cover all of the failure analysis and production inspection tasks that are required for large circuit board assemblies. The system can use Nordson DAGE's X-Plane analysis system option which allows X-ray inspection in any plane within the assembly, or its components, without the need to destroy these large, usually very expensive, assemblies, as would be necessary with traditional CT analysis.

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