Xceed takeover highlights data analytics in network testing

October 06, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Testing wireless networks today generates huge amounts of data. Finding the relevant patterns within the haystack of data requires specific analytics and data post processing capabilities. Network testing technology company Anite therefore has acquired US-based company Xceed Technologies who owns such expertise.

The takeover is consistent with Anite's strategy to expand its position in the wireless testing business. Anite, who already claims global technology leadership in this market, plans to integrate Xceed's data analytics, post-processing and reporting solutions into its own product portfolio. The intention is to enhance its network testing business in the data mining and post-analysis market. Anite reports of strong customer demand for data analytics, centralised solutions and SaaS (Software-as-a-service) solutions; the customers are in search for more complete, self-configurable test solutions, Anite said.

With Xceed's product offerings now being part of its own portfolio, Anite Network Testing will be able to offer more scalable solutions. Anite hopes to become a one-stop shop for data analysis. In the first place, three products from Xceed are pivotal in this process. These are Nemo Analyze, a desktop post processing and analysis tool for use in conjunction with Nemo products; WindCatcher, a desktop post-processing and analytics tool that supports a wide range of data inputs and is optimised for heterogeneous test environments and processes; and Xynergy, an enterprise-level solution for network analytics with optimisation and reporting capabilities. With its distinct analytics and reporting caüabilities, Xynergy addresses particularly customer tasks such as performance management, site acceptance, small cell analytics, benchmarking, capacity, and customer experience management. Towards this end, it processes data from subscribers, drivetests, OSS call trace, and network.

Xceed will be integrated into Anite's Network Testing business unit, Anite said.

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