Xeon-based Server-on-Module for real-time media processing

June 10, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
congatec’s latest Server-on-Modules offer high transcoding performance based on Intel Xeon processors; conga-TS170 modules host Xeon E3-1578L and E3-1558 processors and offer true real-time media processing capabilities for up to 15 VHEC streams.

congatec (Deggendorf, Germany) has added two Server-on-Modules for real-time media processing. A distinguishing feature is the integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics accelerated by 128 MB fast eDRAM and double graphics base frequency for transcoding and video processing performance. With the Media Studio Server package they come with comprehensive software support; here is an ecosystem including Board Support Packages, driver support and application-ready carrierboards and evaluation kits, simplifying individual embedded server configurations.


Edge and fog computers for industrial IoT applications are one of the two major application areas for the Server-on-Modules. Their task is pre-processing and transcoding big data as well as managing and controlling local processes. In close proximity to the field-level such servers are highly responsive and real-time capable allowing both the horizontal and the vertical networking of any industrial IoT-connected smart sensors, actuators and complex equipment and machines. High-level media processing performance brings benefits to numerous application fields. Examples are autonomous driving, drone control, vision-based robotics as well as self-learning machines with complex Deep Learning algorithms and neuronal network structures, which also profit from the high-level media and GPGPU processing capacities of the new Xeon processors.


A second field of application is as densely packed servers in content delivery networks at carriers, service or third party providers, that are used for high-quality and high-density video transcoding to provide end-users a best quality experience. These networks featuring carrier-grade availability and durability are implemented in commercial media streaming and video conference systems as well as a variety of new video-based security and surveillance applications, which can also be used for virtual vision in maintenance and service applications.


The conga-TS170 COM Express basic modules are equipped with the Intel Xeon processors E3-1578L and E3-1558 with Intel Iris Pro Graphics. Compared to previous Intel Xeon processors, the base frequency of the graphics and media processing units is doubled to up to 700 MHz. This significantly speeds up media processing