Yokogawa upgrades power-system services at its European Standards Laboratory

September 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Yokogawa has recently upgraded its calibration laboratory which includes wideband and high-accuracy power-meter calibration systems as well as systems for calibrating oscilloscopes, recorders and optical products, and is therefore capable of calibrating most instruments in the test and measurement industry.

The Yokogawa European Standards Laboratory has the knowledge and expertise to carry out calibration verification to the highest standards. A specific offering is based on its capability in power measurement and analysis instruments: Yokogawa claims to have the only non-governmental standards laboratory in Europe with the ability to carry out high-frequency AC power calibrations at frequencies up to 100 kHz.

The demand for lower uncertainty in power measurements is increasing, the company says, largely because of the recent liberalisation of energy markets throughout Europe which has given an extra emphasis on developments in this field, especially at low power factors. As well as the high-frequency AC calibration described above, Yokogawa also offers calibration of external current transducers at currents of up to 1200 A with very precise phase calibration to cater for the measurement of power as well as current. It also has the capability to carry out calibration at low power factors down to 0.001.

The Yokogawa European Standards Laboratory has also developed a high-accuracy power measurement system based on two sampling voltmeters and synchronisation devices using two-stage inductive voltage dividers and electronic current compensated transformers with an AC shunt resistor. The measurement uncertainty of this low-frequency sampling Wattmeter is less than 20 parts per million for active, reactive and apparent power for frequencies between 45 and 60 Hz.

The Standards Laboratory is traceable to international standards including ISO9001.

Yokogawa calibration services; www.tmi.yokogawa.com