ZigBee protocol analyzer for tablet PCs

May 16, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Perytons Ltd., has released of its Tablet PC analyzer models for sniffing 802.15.4, ZigBee and 6LoWPAN networks. The PeryTAB™ combines the well proven Perytons Protocol Analyzer suite features with Tablet PC user interface advantages for superior user experience.

"People are getting used to the comfort of touch screens. Running the Perytons Protocol Analyzer on a Tablet PC introduces a new way of working with analyzers. It combines our already existing specific SW tools into a single, truly mobile and easy to use platform. This cuts tremendously network deployment and optimization time," said Yaron Soffer, CEO and founder of Perytons. "With the PeryTAB models users can enjoy both worlds and use our analyzer software either in tablet or standard non-tablet modes, taking advantage of the rich features and options that each of these modes introduces," added Yaron.

The PeryTAB models support 2.4 GHz and Sub 1 GHz networks. During the market introduction phase the PeryTAB will be provided together with a Tablet PC such as ACER Iconia W500-BZ457 or Skytex Skytab S-series, running the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

Perytons Protocol Analyzers are professional analysis tools for wireless protocols such as 6LoWPAN and Dash-7, wire line PLC (Power Line Communications) protocols such as Prime and G3 as well as proprietary protocols. When analyzing ZigBee Networks, the Perytons analyzers provide a wide support of ZigBee profiles such as ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee RF4CE, Telecom Services, Health Care, Smart Energy, Light Link, Green Power, ZigBee IP and Energy@Home. Perytons analyzers combine strong capture capabilities of multiple channels, a flexible protocol processing engine and excellent visualization within its Time, Network, Message, Tree, Devices and Statistics Views. An extended toolbox allows the professional user to make sophisticated queries and customize the analyzer windows to best fit his needs.