ZMDI partners Murata Power Solutions to release true-digital POL solutions

November 01, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Dresden-based semiconductor company ZMD AG (ZMDI) has partnered Murata Power Solutions to release what is claimed to be a true-digital 25 A point-of-load (POL) solution.

ZMDI's ZSPM1025 single-phase digital PWM controller family ICs for non-isolated DC/DC supplies, combined with Murata Power Solution's single-phase 25 A surface-mount power block, provide a quick route to proven, high-performance smart digital power solutions. ZMDI's easy-to-use software enables the user to fully customize these solutions for optional digital communications via PMBus, output voltage range and output load. The digital control loop and compensators are preconfigured in the new ZSPM1025 family devices. A downloadable complete construction kit is available, including a graphical user interface, layout guidelines and step-by-step instructions. The solution is ready to be immediately implemented in the application design.

Three smart digital power solutions with output currents up to 25 A are now available. ZMDI plans to extend this family of single-phase, true-digital POL controllers for Murata Power Solution's single-phase surface-mount power blocks with higher output current capabilities later this year and in early 2014.

The ZSPM1025 solutions that are available now and customized for the OKLP-X/25W12-C Murata Power Block include the following:

  • ZSPM1025A featuring a PMBus programmable output voltage of 0.35 V to 3.6 V; four predefined, user-selectable output capacitance ranges; and configurable protection, sequencing and monitoring.
  • ZSPM1025C featuring a pin-strap selectable output voltage of 0.6 V to 1.2 V and four predefined pin-strap selectable output capacitance ranges.
  • ZSPM1025D featuring a pin-strap selectable output voltage of 1.2 V to 3.4 V and four predefined pin-strap selectable output capacitance ranges.

"In combination with the highly reliable Murata Power Block technology, we are offering ready and tested POL solutions, which can be easily 'pasted' into any design," said Tycho Raab, Product Line Manager at ZMDI. "With our product's simplicity of use and the solution readiness, you do not need highly-specialized knowledge to design power compensators."


The ZSPM1025A, ZSPM1025C, and ZSPM1025D are in full production. Parts and ZSPM8025, ZSPM8725, and ZSPM8825 Evaluation Kits are available at Mouser Electronics.

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